The Minority Health Conference – the flagship program of the Minority Student Caucus – holds the distinction of being the nation’s largest and longest-running student-led health conference, drawing hundreds of attendees both in Chapel Hill and nationwide via webcast. 

The Conference seeks to raise awareness around health disparities and mobilize students, academics, and community members to take action for change. The 41st Annual Minority Health Conference - Truth to Power: Exercising Political Voice to Achieve Health Equity – will consider the tools and approaches we need to uplift marginalized voices, embolden effective leadership, and create policies that are community-driven and grounded in equity.  

The conference is also an opportunity for UNC students to connect with scholars and community advocates to grow professionally and academically. As a student-led initiative, the conference provides an exciting platform for the next generation of public health scholars and practitioners to gain leadership and professional development experience as they prepare to enter the field. 

Your support is critical to the conference’s success. With your gift, you are helping to keep student access affordable, provide learning, and leadership for future public health students, and help us share our findings with hundreds of students and leaders nationwide. 

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