Looking to to view the William T. Small Jr. Keynote Webcast at 2PM on February 26? Click here.

Please click here for a list of partner conferences and group viewings that participated in this year’s webcast.

The UNC Minority Health Conference is the nation’s largest and longest running student-lead health conference. If you are unable to attend in person, we welcome you to join us for this year’s William T. Small Jr. Keynote Webcast. The webcast will consist of a streaming of the recorded morning keynote address followed by a live Q&A session with the keynote speaker, Dr. Crystallee Crain. Webcast participants will be able to submit questions via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Crystallee Crain
Date: February 26, 2016
Webcast Time: 2:00-3:30 pm EST

There are 3 ways to watch:

  1. Host a partner conference – A partner conference arranges for a group viewing of the keynote lecture webcast AND organizes additional activities to discuss topics related to minority health or this year’s theme on the role of public health in social justice. Example activities may include a panel discussion, presentation of student research, guest speakers from the community, or a journal discussion. Your partner activities help us share the accomplishments of projects in your local communities and continue the discussion around important health issues. For a partner conference fee of $100, you will receive the webcast link, webcast tips and best practices, editable conference promotional materials, and fundraising tips and tricks. You will also receive recognition as a partner conference in the conference program book, website, and webcast. Partner Conference registration is now closed. You can still register as a group viewing or watch as an individual through February 25, 2016 at 5 pm.
  2. Host a group viewing – A group viewing arranges for a viewing of the keynote lecture webcast at locations such as the workplace, community, or school.
  3. Watch as an individual.

If you have questions about the Keynote Webcast, please email the committee co-chairs at mhc.broadcast@gmail.com.

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