Do you want to exhibit at the 39th Annual Minority Health Conference? Visit our Exhibitor Registration Page.

Your participation in the conference will afford educational and networking benefits to approximately 500 health professionals, including educators, students, and community leaders, who are expected to attend. As an exhibitor, your organization will have the opportunity to:

  1. spread knowledge and awareness about what you are doing to promote health and social justice;
  2. interact with conference participants and distribute relevant information;
  3. meet and recruit candidates for positions with your organization; and
  4. gain increased visibility in local, state, national, and global arenas.  Past exhibitors have found the impact of their participation to be significant.

Exhibitor Fees

  • $150 full table ($75 for half table*) for non-profit organizations
  • $300 full table ($150 half table*) for small businesses (50 or fewer employees)
  • $500 full table ($250 half table*) for larger businesses and all other organizations

*All half tables have been sold.

Special consideration will be given to groups with demonstrated financial hardship.

Fees include covered table space, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments. The Full Table fee includes admission for two exhibitors; the Half Table fee includes admission for one.

Due to limited space, exhibitor tables will be allotted once paid confirmations are received. All exhibitors must register for the conference and pay their Exhibitor Fee by February 6.

To exhibit, please visit our Exhibitor Registration Page.