Khadija Jahfiya and Afsaneh Mortazavi

Develop a vision for the Minority Health Conference, which includes selection of a conference theme, selection of keynote speakers, and setting the objectives and timeline for each of the sub-committees and managing their progress throughout the planning process. Responsible for venue selection and management, monitoring conference logistics with NCIPH including registration, budget management, and keynote speaker travel and accommodations and communicating with all key stakeholders.

Adeyemi Olatunde Mortazavi

Works with the conference Co-Chairs and other Committee Chairs to ensure that program materials are documented for year-to-year continuity, primarily through the organization and maintenance of the Sakai site. Additionally, the Coordinator works with the MHC Co-Chairs to keep meeting minutes and other organizational tasks related to the conference. 

Brooke Staley and Anshula Nathan

The MSC mission is to collectively support, represent, encourage, and empower minority students, both domestic and international, in the SPH at the institutional, departmental, and community levels.

Erika Redding and Anna Leonard

Develops break-out session topics and identifies speakers for the sessions; serves as primary contact  for speakers in terms of communicating logistical information. Will work with NC Institute for Public Health to coordinate travel and lodging for out-of-town speakers.

Maribel Sierra and Karla Jimenez

Develops promotional materials and conducts all marketing for the conference; coordinates communications about the conference, such as notices to listservs, calls for posters, registration reminders, and broadcast announcements.

Joanna Ramirez and Teja Vemuganti

Identifies groups, organizations, and companies that will exhibit materials at the Friday Center on the day of the conference; serves as primary contact for exhibitors in terms of communicating logistical information; responsible for exhibitors area set-up and break-down on day of conference.

Michele Plaugic and Kathy Chan

Issues a call for abstracts for poster presentations; reviews and selects poster abstracts for presentation at conference; serves as primary contact for poster authors in terms of communicating logistical information; responsible for poster area set-up and break-down on day of conference.

Kayla Hill

Solicits donations and sponsorships for the conference, both within UNC (e.g. departments, schools and institutes) as well as from local and national foundations and corporations. Will coordinate efforts with MSC Treasurer and SPH Office of External Affairs.

Gieira Jones and Joyce Rhoden

Coordinates the web broadcast of the keynote speech and live Q&A session with speaker, working with SPH ITS staff. Committee members will spend the morning of the conference at the Friday Center and the afternoon at the Journalism School for the broadcast portion.

Adams Sibley and Ishani Patel

Designs surveys and collects evaluation information from the planning committee throughout the planning process and from attendees and broadcast viewers on day of conference. Prepares summary evaluation report.